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Our national team of advocates is available Monday to Friday 8am–8pm and Saturday 10am-4pm 

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What we do

OPAN advocates help tens of thousands of older people resolve their issues with government-funded aged care services each year.

OPAN is a national network of nine, non-profit organisations that provides free, confidential and independent information and support to older people seeking or receiving government-funded aged care as well as their families and other representatives.

Our advocates help older people to understand and exercise their aged care rights, find aged care services that meet their needs, and resolve their issues with their government-funded aged care providers. 

At a systemic level, we raise the voices of older people with governments, aged care providers and sector stakeholders to advance aged care reforms. The qualitative and quantitative data we gather through our individual advocacy work enables us to identify emerging trends and barriers for people who are seeking or receiving government-funded aged care.


Read our reports, submissions and position statements on our Publications page.

Organisational and governance documents

Aged Care Advocates Code of Conduct

OPAN Service Delivery Framework

OPAN Strategic Directions 2021-2026

OPAN Risk Appetite Statement - outlines our commitment to our purpose, within appropriate risk parameters and tolerances

National Older Persons Reference Group

Through our National Older Persons Reference Group, we aim to ensure older people are actively involved in discussions that affect them, including changes to the aged care system.

The National Older Persons Reference Group is made up of older people with lived experience across Australia who advise us on how we can achieve our goals as an organisation.

They offer knowledge and insights from their own experiences and people in their community, informing our work and raising the voices of older people.