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Self-advocacy toolkit

What you need to know for better aged care

Self-advocacy or speaking up means having the right information to get the care and support you need. Explore the topics below to start.

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Home care packages

A home care package provides coordinated care and services to help you to live independently at home.

There are four levels of support, ranging from ‘basic’ to ‘high-level’ care needs.

The total amount of the home care package is made up of what

  • the Australian Government pays
  • you may need to pay (basic daily and income-tested care fees).

Home care packages can be used to purchase a range of care and services, including personal care (such as showering), support services (such as cleaning or meal preparation), nursing services and allied health (such as physiotherapy). There are rules on what can and can’t be purchased using package funds.

You have to choose a service provider to manage your home care package. You can also work with a provider to self-manage. Self-management enables you to play a more active role in your aged care. Your provider remains responsible for meeting legislated requirements.

Understanding home care packages

This OPAN webinar (2022) explains home care packages, costs and how to make the most of your home care. Click on the ‘CC’ button to turn on captions and the ‘V’ icon for full screen.

Documents and external links

Learn more about home care packages. These documents and websites offer help, strategies, and practical information. Brief descriptions are provided for each document or link.

Your guide to Home Care Package services

Download the My Aged Care guide to the four levels of consumer directed Home Care Package services.

Researching home care providers - considerations and checklist

Download and fill out this helpful checklist from My Aged Care so you can consider and ask the right questions about costs, quality and care services.

My Aged Care Find a provider tool

Use the My Aged Care Find a provider tool to find a provider and services that are suitable for you and your care needs.

10 tips for making the most of out of your home care

Download OPAN’s handy top 10 tips sheet to help you make the most out of your home care.

Home care packages manual

This manual from My Aged Care is a useful resource to help you understand what you can expect from your home care package and provider.

Home Care Packages Program Inclusions and Exclusions – FAQs

Read this Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet from the Department of Health and Aged Care. It provides clarification to older people and providers on what is included and excluded under home care packages.

Home Care Packages – access to $2,500 for urgent goods, equipment, and assistive technology fact sheet

Read this factsheet from the Department of Health and Aged Care for home care package recipients who urgently need goods, equipment and assistive technology up to $2,500.

National Priority System for the Home care packages Program fact sheet

The National Priority System for Home Care Packages started on 27 February 2017. It allows for the fairer allocation of packages to people based on their needs and circumstances, no matter where they live.

Self-management resources and tools

The COTA Australia website contains resources available to both providers and older people to help build a greater understanding and practical knowledge about self-management in home care.

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