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Our national team of advocates is available Monday to Friday 8am–8pm and Saturday 10am-4pm 

Self-advocacy toolkit

What you need to know for better aged care

Self-advocacy or speaking up means having the right information to get the care and support you need. Explore the topics below to start.

To access any type of government-funded aged care service, you need to contact My Aged Care.

You can connect with My Aged Care by phone on 1800 200 422 or via the website. Some Services Australia offices have an Aged Care Specialist Officer who can see you in person.

My Aged Care staff will talk to you over the phone to identify your level of need and refer you for an assessment.

That will be followed by a face-to-face visit from:

  • the Regional Assessment Service (RAS) for entry-level home support through the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP), or
  • an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) for more comprehensive support such as Home Care Packages, residential care or flexible care.

If you are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and over the age of 50 there are services that provide specialised care.

Documents and external links

Learn more about My Aged Care. These documents and websites offer help, strategies, and practical information. Brief descriptions are provided for each document or link.

My Aged Care: Where to start?

The starting point for My Aged Care and information on what’s involved in beginning your own aged care journey.

My Aged Care contact information

View this page to access My Aged Care’s website and their various contact methods.

Apply for an aged care assessment

Read this important information about the assessment process, what to expect and how to prepare so your care needs are better understood. You can also apply for an assessment online if preferred. 

My Aged Care representatives

There may be times when you would like someone to contact My Aged Care on your behalf. A representative is someone who is appointed to speak and act on behalf of another person. They could be a family member, a friend, a carer, or an aged care advocate.

Support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

My Aged Care information for people who are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and 50 years or older. It’s important to find aged care services that respect your culture as well as meet your care needs.

Services Australia Aged Care Specialist Officers

You can book a free face-to-face appointment with an Aged Care Specialist Officer in some locations across Australia. Visit the page to find a location or make an appointment.

Need more support?
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