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Who’s missing? Diversity and inclusion in aged care

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Hosted by respected journalist Julie McCrossin

Special guest Dr Kay Patterson, Age Discrimination Commissioner,  to launch OPAN’s Diversity Education Program

People from diverse and marginalised backgrounds represent over 50% of those accessing aged care services. Therefore, diversity and inclusion should be at the centre of the aged care system, ensuring services are accessible to, and considerate of people from different cultural or social backgrounds and individual experiences. Aged care services should respect and affirm the identity, experience, preference and choice of each older person.

In response to recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Older Persons Advocacy Network has been funded by the Commonwealth Government to provide diversity education to aged care services around the country.

This webinar covers:

  • The importance of diversity and inclusivity being embedded in aged care services
  • Examples of service providers doing diversity and inclusion well
  • Diversity recommendations from the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety
  • Aged Care Diversity Framework
  • Insights from older people.

The panel includes:

  • Samantha Edmonds, Manager Policy and Systemic Advocacy, Older Persons Advocacy Network
  • Isolde Kauffman, Director, Diversity and Inclusion Section, Department of Health
  • Robyn Lierton, Community Engagement and Diversity Manager, ECH
  • Hanna Goorden, Senior Project Officer – Diversity Education, Older Persons Advocacy Network


  • Mona Orszulak, member of OPAN’s National Older Persons Reference Group
  • Rhonda Smith, Aboriginal Sector Support & Development Officer, Booroongen Djugun, Aged Care Facility, Kempsey, NSW
  • Rob Hardy, Director Training and Capacity Building, LGBTIQ+ Health Australia

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