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Speak up for yourself – or someone you care for

Lorraine Tye’s husband, Ron, lives with dementia.

When he first went into residential care in regional NSW, she had concerns about the quality of care.

‘He was locked out in the garden one time I went to visit him – it was the middle of winter – and he started to look unkempt.

‘The manager used to say; “Now, now Lorraine, this is what happens. You are not coping”.’

Lorraine was hesitant about raising her concerns.

‘I was petrified they would say you have to take him home and I knew I couldn’t cope.’

But after learning about her rights, Lorraine has become a powerful advocate for herself and Ron.

‘You are a carer before they go into care. That doesn’t stop. You still have to watch out for them. I don’t want to be difficult. But I do want Ron’s rights to be heard.’ 

Understanding what you can reasonably expect from your aged care provider allows you to speak up for yourself or someone you care for.

Self-advocacy toolkit

OPAN’s Self-advocacy toolkit, which launches today (29 November), equips you with the skills and information you need for better aged care.

Most service providers want to know what they can do better. And there are simple steps you can take to raise a concern or make an effective complaint.

If you would like additional support, OPAN advocates are here to help.

Explore the Self-advocacy toolkit