Old People's Home for
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Stay Connected and Supported
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What will enable you to maintain your individuality, independence at home, and connection within your community as you age?

To discover service options that may be right for you, or to volunteer, find out more below.

Stories from older people in our community

Older people from diverse backgrounds share their real experiences of how they maintain their independence at home, and stay socially connected at home and within their communities. We introduce some Stay Connected and Supported service options that might be right for you.

Staying connected at home

Patricia and Farid's story

Patricia is 84 and lives at home by herself. She shares her story about how she was connected with Community Visitors Scheme volunteer visitor Farid during the 2020 COVID-19 restrictions and the difference this has made to her life. Farid, a retired engineer, enjoys helping others and remaining connected in his retirement. Patricia and Farid look forward to their weekly visits and have become very good friends. Community Visitors Scheme volunteer visitors are available for people living in a Government subsidised aged care home or those receiving or waitlisted for a Home Care Package.

Staying connected within the community

Francesca and Garry’s story

Francesca is 78 and lives alone at home. Despite having many friends and the support of her daughter, she can still feel alone. Francesca shares how with the support of community transport, she is able to participate in a local social group, where she enjoys connecting with others, speaking in Spanish and engaging in fun activities. Garry is 67, retired, and lives with his wife. Garry explains how connecting with his local Men’s Shed has changed his life and given him a sense of purpose. He notes that you can go to the Men’s Shed to sit and have a coffee, a chat or work on projects that interest you. Garry encourages others to make the most of the wide range of community social groups available. To find out more about options available to you go to Stay Connected.

Staying supported at home

Francesca and Luigi's story

Luigi 71 and Francesca 78 both live at home alone and receive an Australian Government subsidised Home Care Package. Luigi and Francesca share how the support received through their package has enabled them to maintain their individuality and independence at home. They highlight the range of services available and the impact these support and service workers have had on their lives. Services Luigi receives include podiatry services in the home, domestic assistance, and lawn mowing, as well as his red motorised scooter, which helps him to get out and about in the community independently. Francesca receives assistance with housework and shopping and regularly uses the community transport service to attend social activities. To find out about aged care services in the home go to Stay Supported.

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds - Season 2

This award winning documentary brings together two generations, older people and pre-schoolers. The series highlights the difference intergenerational relationships make to the lives of older people and children.

The older people in season 2 live at home. They want to continue living in their own homes but need support to remain healthy and happy enough to stay there. Season 2 connects the two generations through a purpose-built community space for activities that encourage movement, fun, games, and social interaction. With loneliness and social isolation affecting so many older people living at home, could this simple idea provide older people with greater connection to their local communities and help them maintain their independence at home?

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Stay Connected and Supported in Your Community is a partnership initiative of the Older Persons Advocacy Network and the ABC, in association with the TV series Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds. This initiative has been undertaken with funding from the Australian Government Department of Health.

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